AI accelerator Program for female-led startups

Seeking women founder startups that advance the development and application of artificial intelligence across all industries and markets

WLDA Ventures' AI Startup Accelerator Mentorship Program

This accelerator program is designed to support female led startup tech entrepreneurs into turning these important technological advances in AI /ML into impactful products and companies. We’re fostering a growing ecosystem of AI-powered businesses and applications with mentorship, education, and resources to help everyone innovate and thrive. Our WLDA Ventures' mentorship community advises and coaches founders to help build their vision into a high-growth startup, with AI and foundation models playing a major role. Our mentors are experts on AI /ML technologies, engineering, talent, operations and can help you grow your product in our acceleration program. Female founders from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to reach out.

Supporting innovation everywhere

WLDA Ventures is committed to mentoring a small number of female founded startups that are pushing the boundaries of how powerful AI can positively impact the world and profoundly change people’s lives.

If you are selected for our AI accelerator program cohort you will receive training and mentorship on the fundamentals of building an AI startup from the ground up, including the underlying infrastructure, applications & business strategy, operational best practices, technical analysis, product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for founders.

Program participants will receive hands-on mentorship from Fortune 1000 tech advisors. The accelerator is an intensive 3-month experience designed to get you and your startup venture to the next level. The program is a unique mix of live lectures, intensive group collaboration, 1:1 coaching, and mastermind peer-to-peer learnings that will prepare startup for your next round of funding and beyond.

Leading AI / ML platforms and frameworks to help founders build on their solutions

Why Join our WLDA Ventures AI Accelerator?


Participants will also work with domain experts on the topics that matter most, including product design, go-to-market, legal & regulatory, and more.


Gain access to a tight-knit community of like minded peers. Our network AI founders support each other, share advice, form partnerships and build together.

Demo Day

The program will culminate with a Demo Day for teams to present and gain greater visibility among the broader AI tech community.


Weekly events, workshops and office hours hosted by industry leaders. All lectures and mentorship sessions happen online.


The AI accelerator program relies on 4 activities: sessions, 1:1 mentorship, group mentorship and Demo Day.

Advisory Board

Expand your network, get introductions to corporate partners and executives

Resources and support for every stage of the journey

Our AI startup accelerator is designed to address the unique challenges (growth, finding product market fit, go-to-market strategies, etc), fine-tuned for the specific journey of building an AI-first company.

We offer a variety of resources and support for every stage of the AI startup company journey—from workshops and educational content to access to an ecosystem of industry experts, mentors, corporate partners and investors.

WLDA Ventures is continually updating our program to keep pace with the rapidly growing number of founders starting AI companies and the evolving trends in AI.

Mentors are the backbone of our program and serve as one of the biggest value-adds for cohort startups participating in the program.

The Next Horizon of AI Foundational Models

Large-scale foundation models such as GPT-3 and DALL-E have taken the world of AI by storm. Previous AI tasks—from text categorization to object detection—can now be accomplished with much less curated labeled data. This is huge for many companies building AI solutions using prior technologies.

We’re looking to support a small number of early-stage women-founded startups in fields where artificial intelligence can have a transformative effect—like health care, financial services, climate change, and education—and where AI tools can empower people by helping them be more productive.

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